Now available, the QBOID M2 Mobile Dimensioner (patent pending), the cutting-edge solution revolutionizing dimensioning and measurement on the go, the only Android mobile handheld dimensioner capable of measuring the LxWxH cube dimensions of both box and irregular shape items. With its mobile first design, you can easily carry and use the portable M2 dimensioner anywhere, a convenient alternative to bulky equipment or dedicated measurement stations.

Equipped with advanced 3D imaging technology, the QBOID M2 dimensioner delivers precise and accurate measurements instantly, ideal for businesses of all sizes dealing with volumes of physical goods.

Say goodbye to manual measuring errors and slow inefficient machinery. Whether you’re in warehousing, logistics, or retail, the M2 speeds up and simplifies your inventory or shipping workflow, saving you time and increasing productivity. From calculating package dimensions to accurately measuring size of irregular shaped objects, the QBOID M2  dimensioner is your ultimate partner in streamlining operations and empowering your business with the data to operate profitably.



Just like operating any Android barcode scanner but with powerful dimensioning capability. In fact, to only get dimensions of an item, only one button press is required.

M2 Mobile Dimensioner Handheld

Barcode Scan

Press Yellow button on either side of M2 to scan barcode, with aid of built in illumination and LED pointer.

M2 Mobile Dimensioner Handheld

Dimension Scan

Start scanning by looking down on item, the item will be identified and highlighted in the real-time video preview. Press the DIM button for instant cube dimensions, shape analysis and image capture

M2 Mobile Dimensioner Handheld


Item Dim, Barcode, Shape, Weight (if captured via Bluetooth), Multiple Images and more are saved to local flash and/or sent in real-time via Wi-Fi to WMS/ERP


The M2 Perceptor Dimensioner (patent pending) stands alone in the market as the only Android logistics handheld with dedicated 3D computer vision hardware and software specifically for dimensioning and related volumetric attributes capture, with multiple 3D sensors to tackle more use cases and more operating environments than possible with other solutions.

Mobile Platform

Powerful Qualcomm/Android smartphone platform, with integrated 3D vision sensors, the M2 is built by the smartphone supply chain for economical cost of ownership

3D Computer Vision

3D sensors generate dense 3D point clouds which are processed by sophisticated computer vision software that can dimension boxes/parcels AND irregular shape items

Advanced Image Processing

Rich image information generated with each scan: (a) virtual box projected on scanned item, (b) scanned item with background subtracted, and (c) entire scene.

Android 10 OS

Leverage existing Android native apps, Android browsers and web applications by running them on the M2's Android 10 OS

Instant 3D Data Processing

3D dimensions are generated in the M2 from scanned 3D models in 1/10th of a second, by our highly optimized C++ computer vision code. Slash dimension task cycle time.

Constant Self Calibration

M2 continually checks internal sensor temperature and applies constant calibration in real-time to provide consistent performance.


While the QBOID M2 Perceptor Dimensioner hardware is unique in the industry, QBOID also invests heavily in specialized computer vision software as well as workflow related software to optimize the M2’s enterprise ROI and productivity gains

Real-time Assistant

Using real-time augmented reality overlay, the M2 highlights items found in the video preview, identifying and validating that the item can be dimensioned

QR Code Config

Via a single QR Code scan, any M2 app setting can be configured. Instantly reconfigure the M2 as needed for different workflow and uses cases.

Customized Attribute Capture

Four soft keys on the main page can be configured as custom optional attributes to capture during a dimensioning task. All attributes captured are saved and sent via Wi-Fi API.

Barcode Wedge Capability

Send selected characters as postfix key strokes

Powerful API

Simple HTTP/HTTPS REST API immediately uploads JSON scan results securely and in real-time over Wi-Fi, and/or CSV files with all scan results are stored on M2 internal storage for batch transfer over USB-C

Connect to peripherals

The M2 can connect to relevant peripherals. For example, certain Bluetooth industrial scales can already be paired with the M2 for convenient digital weight capture.

Key Specifications

Parameter Specification Comment
Max Object Size Longest dimension < 40″ Real-time Assistant will show if a larger object can be scanned
Min Object Size Smallest dimension > 0.5″ Some features > 0.25” can be scanned if the item is smaller and the M2 is closer to the item
Error to Ground Truth < 0.5″ for cuboidal
< 1.0″ for irregulars
Scan from top down for best results
Min distance M2 to item Keep M2 > 18” from all surfaces of item Better results occur with M2 closer rather than farther
Item and ground surface should be matte and opaque
Battery life  8 hours Assuming Real-time assistant is in use 10% of the 8 hours
Ambient Operating Temperature 5-35C°

Download M2 Documentation


Planned accessories for the M2 are:

  • Extra 5000mAh M2 battery (inquire)
  • Safety Hand-strap (included with M2)
  • Rubber Protective Case (available now)
  • 4  Bay M2 Battery Charger Dock (inquire)


Can I integrate the QBOID Dimensioner capability into my Android app and workflow?

Yes, please see above for our 2.3 or later API documentation for integrating the M2 dimensioner app into another M2 Android native app or browser based web app.

Is there an API document showing how to sync data from the M2 with WMS and ERP systems?

Yes, see our current API doc link above. The M2 API can enable real-time uploads of dimensioning results as they occur, including item weight, images, barcodes, optional metadata, etc. Customer WMS/ERP operators can use this API to develop server code to listen for, receive and store M2 data.

Which WMS and ERP can the M2 connect with?

QBOID does not provide any software to connect with specific WMS platforms. However, there are ERP solution providers that have integrated support for M2. For example, see RF SMART’s Automation for Dimension which connect the M2 to Oracle’s NetSuite ERP.

Will the M2 dimension properly outdoors?

The dimensioning scan will not function in direct sunlight, as the IR wavelength of sunlight will interfere with one of the M2’s 3D sensors. However, we plan to release an M2 update in the future to support dimensioning operations in full sunlight.

Is the M2 dimensioning capability certified legal for trade?

We plan to submit the M2 for NTEP and EU OIML certification soon. Check back for updates.

Which weight scales can the M2 pair with over Bluetooth?

Scales supporting the SMA protocol (such as the Rice Lake BenchPro line) with a low cost RS-232 serial to Bluetooth adapter. The M2 can also connect with ADAM scales and Mettler Toledo scales.  Contact QBOID for more compatibility with your scale type or to purchase.

Is there a wrist strap and/or belt holster available for the M2?

A robust wrist strap is included with the M2, and several belt holster options are available on Amazon that fit the M2 well. A rubber overmold case for extra drop protection is now available. Contact for details.


The QBOID M2 Perceptor Dimensioner is now available for purchase directly from QBOID and through authorized resellers in North America, South America, EMEA, APAC, and the EU. Please visit our How to Buy page, visit our Contact Us page to engage with QBOID directly.

A limited number of loaner units are now available for a short term Evaluation Program. Contact QBOID for more information.