QBOID Mobile Solutions for Dimension and Shape Data Capture

QBOID M2 Perceptor Mobile Dimensioning

The M2 Perceptor dimensioner by QBOID combines multiple 3D and 2D imaging sensors with an Android Qualcomm platform to create the industry’s first handheld mobile dimensioning solution for both parcel and irregular shaped items.

The QBOID M2 Perceptor brings instant, cost effective mobile dimensioning to any site or warehouse location, a handheld dimensioner solution any associate can carry in their pocket and operate anytime, anywhere.  Common logistics features such as 1D-2D barcode scanner, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are integrated.   The M2 can also run your existing Android or browser logistics or warehouse applications.


  • Inbound: refresh Master Data with dimensions, weight, images
  • Inventory: optimize storage, putaway, slotting, AS/RS utilization
  • Outbound: parcel dimensioning, cartonization, shipping chargeback audits


3D image sensors, built into the M2 hardware platform, stream real-time color 3D point cloud data to QBOID’s novel computer vision software which provides the human operator with a unique augmented reality style ‘markup’ of items in the video preview, identifying items that can be immediately dimensioned, thereby reducing the dimensioning task cycle time and reducing operator cognitive load and fatigue. QBOID’s computer vision software is highly optimized C++ proprietary code for fast data acquisition, processing, 3D reconstruction, and visualization.

The M2’s computer vision software processes the 3D point cloud to discriminate the item, parcel or package from the work surface, then the M2 automatically and instantly determines the correct LxWxH dimensions that would generate the smallest possible box to contain that item. This algorithm is especially helpful in finding the proper LxWxH of irregular objects where a human operator would have difficulty establishing what are the proper points by which to measure a highly irregular shaped item’s LxWxH.

QBOID Mobile Solutions for Dimension and Shape Data Capture

Common Logistics Features

1D/2D barcode scanner, Hot swappable battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, High resolution color camera for image capture and OCR, IP 65 rating

QBOID Mobile Solutions for Dimension and Shape Data Capture

Dual 3D Image Sensors

Multiple 3D computer vision image sensors, proprietary extrinsic calibration, noise characterization and temperature compensation make the M2 the most powerful computer vision platform in the mobile device industry

QBOID Mobile Solutions for Dimension and Shape Data Capture

Advanced 3D Computer Vision Processing

QBOID proprietary computer vision algorithms create novel three dimensional understanding from rich data captured by M2's 3D sensors, leading to a future roadmap of additional use cases well beyond parcel dimensioning, such as large crate and pallet dimensioning, ensuring the M2's role as the industry's most versatile mobile dimensioning system.