How to buy the QBOID Perceptor M2

M2 Perceptors are in stock currently and available direct from QBOID, or from our authorized resellers listed only on this page.  For warranty and technical support, please purchase the M2 through QBOID or our authorized resellers only.

To purchase the S1 Accessory Cart for the M2 or inquire about other QBOID products, please Contact Us, or send an email

Barcodes Inc

(USA and Canada)

Barcodes, Inc. is North America’s leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, and RFID solutions. Purchase the M2 by visiting our QBOID  M2 product page.

Barcode Giant


We specialize in bringing you Giant Savings on the best equipment in barcoding, ID systems, Point-of-Sale and mobile data collection. The QBOID M2 Perceptor is available now for purchase at our QBOID M2 Perceptor product page on



Since its origins in 1994 as a distributor of vision systems for image processing, iMAGE S has always believed in the strategic importance of a high quality technical support which represents the real engine of constant evolution in world of industrial vision. Qualified technical staff and experts in Machine Vision guarantees highly professional advice. Contact iMAGE S for information on the QBOID M2 Perceptor.

AWM Limited

(United Kingdom)

AWM Limited is a leading independent supplier and UK manufacturer of high quality professional weighing equipment, process control and dimensioning solutions. Founded in 1979 in the history market town of Bury St Edmunds, we supply a strongly established network of customers and distributors throughout the UK and around the world. Contact AWM Ltd for information on the QBOID M2 Perceptor.



BigVista helps companies to improve their assets and goods management with distributing cutting edge new technologies — BigVista specializes in asset tracking in logistics and supply chain, and in product 3D dimensioning.


(South America)

IRC (International Representative Connection) specializes in establishing commercial and technical relationships between material handling equipment manufacturers and end-users in Central and South America, particularly Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Panama.  Please reach out to IRC for importation of the QBOID M2 Perceptor to South America markets.