About us

We are a small team of experienced entrepreneurs in the consumer and industrial computer vision realm, with experience in various 3D sensing technologies, computer vision approaches based on 2D and 3D sensing, and machine learning and AI methods that improve upon traditional 2D imaging via the merging of 3D sensing data.

From idea to final product

We’ve engaged with industry over the years, traveling extensively in USA, Europe and Asia, on location, to see first hand the details of the workflow our customers need to speed up with our technology. These site visits have helped us develop our understanding of the challenges computer vision has in real world environments, and how to overcome those challenges.

Our Process

We build system solutions — we work with Tier 1 ODMs and their engineering teams to architect Android mobile devices and specific sensors to our specifications for performance, production, test, and calibration.

QBOID engineers develop the computer vision and machine learning software, coupling closely with the architected hardware platform, paying careful attention to overall performance, accuracy and precision.

Our Team

QBOID team are seasoned entrepreneurs and engineers in the space of depth sensors, computer vision, and the application of depth sensing and computer vision to machine learning.


We are passionate about building systems that make repetitive human tasks more efficient, via the combination of new sensing hardware with modern perception software approaches.  We see great opportunity for computer vision to become smarter and more perceptive, with the addition of new sensor types, to offload mundane and time consuming tasks to machines.

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