How it works

Much like FaceID on mobile phones use 3D sensors and sophisticated algorithms to analyze the unique shape of the human face in detail, QBOID has integrated similar 3D sensing facing the rear of the mobile platform, along with new sophisticated computer vision algorithms to analyze the shape and dimension of an object.

excerpt from QBOID Patent Documentation

Modern mobile roadmap meets 3D computer vision to solve industry needs for automating common logistics functions

New computer vision sensors sync a 2D RGB sensor image with dimensioned shape information from a 3D sensor. This sensor fusion generates a scene more as the human does, in color and 3 dimensions. QBOID’s computer vision software streams in this enhanced scene to:

  • Identify and highlight candidate objects that are in that scene
  • Assist user to choose candidate object, or auto select
  • Instantly present Dim, Shape, and Segmented Image results

We didn’t stop at Dimensioning.

There’s more.

Other common metadata often needs to be collected about an object or shipment, beyond dimensions and shape. Barcode ID is supported with an integrated laser barcode scanner supporting all common 1D and 2D codes. Your business may require specific object properties that need to be captured, and QBOID’s Perceptor allows your IT to create up to 4 custom touch software buttons, selectable by the operator at any time during the object scan workflow.

Other Features:

  • WiFi / Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Real-time Scan data upload via API
  • Android OS